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Jason Pearson

Public Relations Manager
Phone: (616) 774-4585 ext. 3026

Number of seasons with the Griffins (including 2017-18): 3

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Mich.

States (and provinces or countries) you've lived in: East Lansing, Illinois, Arkansas, North Carolina

College degree/year/school: Michigan State University, B.A. in communication, 2014

Sports idols as a youth: Tiger Woods, Vince Carter, Tim Duncan, Tom Izzo

Personal/professional heroes: Mom, dad, sister

As a child, you dreamed of becoming: An NBA player or a firefighter

First job/your age: Baseball umpire, 14 or 15 years old

Other sports teams you've worked for: Michigan State Spartans, Arkansas Razorbacks

If you could trade places for a day with another occupation/person, what/who would it be: Kevin Hart, early 2000s Tiger Woods

Proudest professional accomplishment: Getting to where I am today by working hard and making the most of my opportunities.

Most exciting/unique thing you've done or place you've visited: Volunteering for the Big Ten and getting to be on the field during the 2013 Big Ten Championship game when Michigan State beat Ohio State and then going to Los Angeles/Pasadena for MSU's 2014 Rose Bowl Championship.

Sports played growing up: Basketball, baseball, golf, tennis

An interesting fact about you: I recorded my first career hole-in-one while playing with my dad on Aug. 3, 2010.

Favorite foods: Grand Traverse pies, southern dishes, breakfast foods, anything my family cooks

Favorite sports movies: Happy Gilmore, Waterboy

Favorite spectator sports: Basketball, baseball, tennis

Favorite pro/college sports teams (excluding Griffins): Michigan State (Go Green!), Chicago Cubs, Bulls

Favorite recreational activities/hobbies: Golf, staying active, getting a lift in, running, reading