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Griffins Youth Foundation Player Wait List Application for 2012-13

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The Grand Rapids Griffins Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization that serves families within the Greater Grand Rapids area. One of the Foundation's goals is to provide opportunities to play hockey to children who face barriers that may prevent them from participating in a pay-to-play organization, including but not limited to financial situation, physical ability, emotional challenges and gender. Please explain how your family fits into our purpose and could benefit from our program. *

If the above statement does not apply to your family, please tell us what your family could bring to our organization to help us reach our goals.

By clicking submit, you agree to comply with the conditions outlined below.

- The player may not be enrolled in any other hockey program.
- Parents are required to volunteer. Examples include helping on ice, off-ice, with concessions or equipment maintenance.
- Each player is expected to purchase or sell five Griffins tickets during our season.
- Players are required to complete monthly homework booklets.

If you need help answering the above questions, or have special circumstances or other information you would like to discuss, please email or call Lynn at 970-5437.

Thank you for your interest in our hockey program. Deadline for submitting applications is August 31, 2012. We will contact you by Sept. 28 regarding your child's status.

Mission Statement: Established in 1995, the Griffins Youth Foundation promotes academic excellence, community involvement and healthy life-styles among the youth of West Michigan, enhancing their lives through hockey and ice-related sports.