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FLEX Tickets

March Fans

SAVE MONEY + NO Commitments

Want to save money on Griffins tickets this season but can't commit to a specific set of games? No problem! Griffins FLEX tickets give you total flexibility when it comes to the number of games you attend and the number of seats you need per game. For example; with a block of 10 FLEX tickets, you can:

  • Redeem all 10 FLEX for 10 seats to the single game of your choice, or...
  • Redeem 4 seats to one game and 6 seats for a second game...the choice is yours!

Redeeming your FLEX vouchers is easier than ever with the convenience of online redemption. Simply log in and choose seats within the upper or lower level price range of your FLEX vouchers. The seating options you'll have to choose from will be among the best available at the time of redempton.

If having a guaranteed seat location for the games of your choice is a top priority, please review our partial plan options.


For a limited time, save up to 20% off the box office price with NO SERVICE FEES, plus receive special access to Opening Night tickets!


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