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Calder Cup Champions -'13 '17

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Martinelli Matt

Matt Martinelli

Assistant Facilities Manager

Phone: (616) 235-0303


Number of seasons with the Griffins (including 2022-23): 18

What you love most about working for the Griffins: I enjoy being around the hockey rink.

Favorite all-time Griffins players: Nathan Robinson

Best thing about your job: Being around people that enjoy hockey.

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan/Wasilla, Alaska

States (and provinces or countries) you’ve lived in: Michigan/Alaska

College degree/year/school: Bachelors Degree Business/Marketing from Grand Valley State University

Sports idol(s) as a youth: Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit Red Wings

As a child, you dreamed of becoming: Airplane Pilot

First job/your age: Fulton Height Foods/14 years old

Most memorable on-the-job mistake/embarrassing moment: I was making ice on our East Practice Rink with a large high pressure fire hose. I slipped on a patch of water and lost control of the hose. As I tried to gain control of the hose I slipped again on a patch of water and was bombarded with healthy helping of high quality h2o. I was soaked from head to toe and never completely felt dry the entire evening.

Sports played growing up: Hockey, soccer, basketball, football, tennis, and badminton.

An interesting fact about you: I was born in Daejeon City

Favorite foods: Pasta

Favorite sports movie: “Miracle”

Favorite website:

Favorite book or author: “Power of One” by Bryce Courtenay

Favorite subject in elementary school: Social Studies

Favorite spectator sports: Hockey

Favorite pro/college sports teams (excluding Griffins): Montreal Canadiens

Favorite recreational activities/hobbies: Ice hockey, soccer, and basketball

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