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Calder Cup Champions -'13 '17

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Piatek Peter

Peter Piatek

Facility Manager

Phone: (616) 235-0303


Number of seasons with the Griffins (including 2022-23): 27

What you love most about working for the Griffins: The customers. The little kids that are filled with excitement and curiosity, the looks are on their faces when they enter the rink.

Favorite Griffins memory: When we hosted Training camp in the early years.

Favorite all-time Griffins players: Matt Ruchty, Darcy Simon, and Ed Patterson.

Best thing about your job: Flexibility. We can try different things in all aspects and can adapt and evolve with the changing market.

Hometown: Grand Rapids/Belmont, MI

States (and provinces or countries) you’ve lived in: I have been in MI all my life.

Spouse’s name/year you were married: Kim and I were married in 2003.

Children: I have a daughter named Sydney and a son named Sam.

College degree/year/school: Degree in Business Administration from Cornerstone University, 2005.

Sports idol(s) as a youth: Greg Norman

Personal/professional hero(es): While not necessarily a hero, but Max Siepling (Howie’s Hockey Tape) a local business owner that sells hockey tape worldwide. Came up with a plan to market a product (a hockey household item) he has used since he was a little hockey player and turned a simple roll of tape put his name on it and travels the globe to promote his idea.

As a child, you dreamed of becoming: A judge

First job/your age: I worked at Everlasting Embroidery when I was 15

Current dream job: Best-selling author

If you could trade places for a day with another occupation/person, what/who would it be?: Jack Nicklaus. I’d design a couple of golf holes, hit some balls in the field/at the site to see what the hole should be like then jump into my plane and be home for dinner with the family

Proudest professional accomplishment: I was able to get Pat Smiggens, Brad, “AJ” Andrewszjeski, Lourie Boike, and Scott Gorsline to participate on a hockey team in one of our adult leagues.

Most memorable on-the-job mistake/embarrassing moment: Sliced my thigh open with a razor blade cutting floor tile in one of the restrooms.

Favorite charities/charitable causes: PORT and the Griffins Youth Foundation.

Most exciting/unique thing you’ve done or place you’ve visited: Played golf at Kapalua in Maui. They host the Mercedes Benz Championship there. I have teed it up where the likes of Ernie Els, Steve Stricker, and Phil Mickelson have played.

Sports played growing up: I did not participate in any until I was a senior in high school.

Hidden (or not so hidden) talents: I am pretty good at organizing vacations or golf trips.

An interesting fact about you: I have an innate sense of direction. Only achieved this skill since I got married however.

Favorite foods: Sushi, Mexican, and Italian.

Favorite music artists: Too many to name. I enjoy all kinds of music.

Favorite sports movie: Talladega Nights

Favorite website:

Favorite book or author: Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson.

Favorite subject in elementary school: Geography

Favorite spectator sports: Hockey, Golf, Horse Racing (the Triple Crown Series)

Favorite pro/college sports teams (excluding Griffins): University of Texas Football, Michigan State Hockey, any team any of my friends play or coach for, i.e. Penguins, Capitals, Red Wings.

Favorite recreational activities/hobbies: Watching the Triple Crown with my family. We make kind of a big deal out of it. I love to read and can usually read a book pretty quickly. I love to travel around with my family.

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